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Mako® Robot-Assisted Surgery for Joint Replacement

Hip or Knee Pain? We’re Here for You.

As Utah’s first Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery, Salt Lake Regional Medical Center is proud to offer patients with degenerative joint disease an advanced option for joint replacement surgery.

Mako® is a robotic surgical tool that allows orthopedic surgeons to create digital 3-D models of the patient’s hip or knee. The model is then used to design a custom, patient-specific implant, which the surgeon is able to place using the minimally invasive Mako system’s robotic arms.

Is Mako Right for Me?

If you have symptoms of osteoarthritis, which are keeping you from participating in the activities you love, then you’ve probably heard about total knee replacement (TKR) and total hip replacement (THR) surgery from friends or your physician. After all, thousands of people choose these procedures every year. However, you’ve also probably heard about the long recovery time, intense physical therapy process, and the pain that is associated with these procedures.

Mako offers another way.

  • Knees: The Mako partial knee resurfacing procedure is primarily used in treating patients who have early- to mid-stage osteoarthritis in one or two of the knee’s three compartments. Learn more.
  • Hips: The Mako total hip replacement surgery is primarily used in treating patients who experience localized and/or radiating hip pain, compensatory limping, and stiffness while walking. Learn more.

You may be a candidate for one of these Mako procedures if you experience the symptoms (or have received a diagnosis) described above. However, please note that only a surgeon can determine if you are a candidate for a Mako procedure. To schedule a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon near you, call 1-866-431-WELL.

How It Works: Mako for Knees

Prior to your knee resurfacing procedure, your surgeon will order a CT scan of the diseased knee. This scan helps the surgeon to create a patient-specific implant. During the procedure, the surgeon resurfaces the diseased portion of the knee, using real-time visual, tactile, and auditory feedback provided through the Mako system. This helps the surgeon attain optimal implant placement, which helps ensure long-lasting comfort and a quick recovery.

Learn more

How It Works: Mako for Hips

Prior to your Mako hip procedure, your surgeon will order a CT scan of your hips. This scan will help the surgeon develop a 3-D model of your pelvis and femur. The surgeon can use this model to carefully plan out the optimal placement of your new implant.

During the procedure, your surgeon will use the Mako system to place the implant in your hip. The entire procedure is done using real-time data and images, which provide the surgeon with total control over placement of the implant (a significant improvement in accuracy when compared to traditional manual techniques). 

Learn more

Find an Orthopedic Surgeon Near You

Call 1-866-431-WELL to learn more about how board-certified orthopedic surgeons near you are using robotic technologies like Mako for joint replacement surgery.


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